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Voice to Parliament
Alison Simpson had doubts but her decision became clearer
Amandine Ahrens
The senator said that voting 'no' is not a neutral position.
Adrian Rollins Justine Landis-Hanley
More than 6 million Aussies will vote in their first referendum.
Anna McGuinness
Voting in the 2023 referendum can be done in-person at polling place on October 14. Picture by AEC
'Magnet to my soul': Farmer ends run for voice at Uluru
Rudi Maxwell, Andrew Brown and Kat Wong
Pat Farmer has run more than a marathon a day since April in his campaign to support the voice. (Bianca De Marchi/AAP PHOTOS)
Seasoned political campaigners who support the Voice are frustrated by 'terrible' messaging.
Karen Barlow
The former Liberal MP ran over 14,000km to support the Voice
Dan Holmes
Pat Farmer has been greeted by the Prime Minister at Uluru after a 14,000km journey in support of the Voice.
'Everyone says racism is over, but it's not over'
Dan Holmes
Proud Wiradjuri man Eddie Whyman with Caius Mescia. File picture
In today's world, it's hard to distinguish who you are, from who you're seen to be.
Richard Ogier
There's no right answer, only the answer that's right for you.
James Joyce
Before you vote, this is the 12 minute read on the Voice you need
'Even when I was working in government, I didn't have a voice'
Dan Holmes
Aunty Fay Clayton Moseley speaking at the opening of her new exhibition. Picture by Dan Holmes